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Archives for 2024

Daily Living with a Herniated Lumbar Disk

While disk herniations in the lumbar spine are fairly common and may resolve on their own or persist without symptoms, if a herniation places pressure on the spinal cord or nerves exiting the spine, the patient may experience radiating pain into one or both legs. While chiropractic care can help individuals with a herniated lumbar [..]

Temporomandibular Disorders and Posture

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most intricate and frequently utilized joints in the human body, working in conjunction with the internal and external pterygoids, masseter, and temporalis muscles to open and close the jaw, as well as stabilizing the hyoid bone during swallowing and protecting the airway while chewing and talking. Musculoskeletal [..]

Neuropathic Pain vs. Soft Tissue Pain

All perceptions (e.g., hot, cold, loud, bright, smelly, hard, soft, sour, sweet, pain, etc.) are cortical, meaning perceived in the brain. All pain is perceived in the brain (1). Pain perception is brought to the brain by nerves. Structures that do not have a nerve supply (like articular hyaline cartilage, fingernail) cannot send the pain [..]

Three Sleep Enhancement Supplements

It’s estimated that at least one-in-three adults fail to consistently get sufficient restful sleep each night. Over time, poor sleep can increase the risk for a variety of chronic diseases and potentially lead to an early death. This month, we’re going to discuss three supplements that can help you achieve a good night’s sleep: melatonin, [..]

Cyclist’s Palsy

Though peripheral neuropathies often develop in individuals whose daily activities involve fast, repetitive motions, no rest, awkward hand postures, firm gripping, and excessive vibration exposure like office workers, construction workers, line workers, etc., there is one group that meets these various criteria that we hardly consider: cyclists. It’s estimated that nearly 800,000 Americans commute to [..]

Multimodal Care for Whiplash Associated Disorders

The term whiplash associated disorders (WAD) is used to describe the constellation of symptoms that can arise from the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head and neck during an automobile collision, slip and fall, sports injury, etc. This process can injure several ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints in the region, giving rise to symptoms [..]

Long-Standing Hip and Groin Pain

Simply put, long-standing hip and groin pain (LHGP) is discomfort in the hip and groin region lasting six weeks or longer that often limits physical function and reduces quality of life.  For some patients, simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, and sitting for prolonged periods of time can feel impossible. Unfortunately, LHGP tends to come [..]

Herniated Disk Resorption

The intervertebral disk is made up of a tough outer annulus fibrosis while the central portion (called the nucleus pulposus) is soft, more liquid-like, giving it a shock-absorbing function. If the integrity of the annulus is compromised, the nucleus pulposus can leak through the torn fibers, which is known as disk herniation. If the direction [..]

Why Is Neck Pain So Common?

Neck pain is one of the most frequent reasons patients seek chiropractic care, second to low back pain. One study noted that neck pain was the primary cause for work absence among 25.5 million American adults in 2012. When considering lost productivity, disability, and healthcare spending, neck pain takes a heavy financial toll on society. [..]

Mechanical Pain and Chiropractic Care

The medical profession primarily views pain as a consequence of an inflammatory problem (1, 2, 3, 4). With the realization that inflammation, for the most part, is a chemical event, focus on the inflammatory chemistry of pain has become a priority of drug companies and for the physicians that prescribe their products. Often these efforts target inflammatory [..]